Who is Outside Effect?

Play me now!

A band?  Not really.  Michael David writes, plays and records everything to create the music you hear. 

Why Outside Effect?  There are a ton of Michael David's out there, but there is only one Outside Effect.  It is also a key concept in Michael's musical Journey, stepping outside ones self and realizing we are all in this together.

Who is Michael David?  In the 90's he was a key player in Phantom Generation, the come out vehicle for Paul Cawley after leaving Guardian.  After several years, two records, and a lot of great stories a score of personal issues helped the band fall apart.  When a chronic illness set in, Michael went in all the wrong directions.   Some people call these mistakes, but Michael prefers to call them song ideas.

A decade later Michael found himself returning to music as a multi-instrumentalist in his own studio.  Still battling MS, he resolved not to let this overshadow his music.  Outside Effect is a chance to step outside of the bubble life tries to contain us with, and find we are not alone.  We can all do life together.